English For Everyone Vol.2


Jumat, 05 Jun 2020

Indonesian Youth Opportunities in International Networking (IYOIN) Local Chapter Depok brings you to another English For Everyone session. This time, we will discuss improving our ability to speak English in front of the public. Our speaker is someone who really masters English public speaking skills! She is Caroline Augustine, the secretary-general of the Universitas Indonesia Model United Nations Club.

We know you can not wait for this, so what are you waiting for? Limited seats available, register yourself now on tiny.cc/EFE02!

English For Everyone (EFE) is a class where we practice English together while having some fun! Come join us in this full English discussion class!

For further information, please contact IYOIN LC Depok via Line @uhn5538t, Instagram @iyoindepok, Twitter @iyoinlcdepok, email [email protected], or visit the official website depok.iyoin.org.

IYOIN LC Depok English For Everyone Session 5 Juni 2020

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